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were adorable :)

Mine :)

by harroclarice

Faial da Terra by Markus Kolletzky on Flickr.


"Rough sex is the manifestation of romance. You trust someone so much that you let them do whatever they want with one thing that is yours."

- An Unknown Genius (via sex-andcigs)


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if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever

I love youuuu

I love you too beautifulll!!

Love is so awkward. When you love someone, you put them before everyone else. You fantasize about them from the second you wake up until the second you fall asleep each day. You want them to be in your life forever, but sometimes you get so scared of losing them that you pull away from them. We think this is some solution to the problem, that if we keep ourselves from getting too attached, we will keep our love in our life longer. But I’ve learned this isn’t true. I’ve recently made this mistake and held back from being myself. If there’s someone you want in your life, push past every obstacle, every burden, every second guess and every negative thought to keep them there. Show them you want them, only them. Let them know you care. That’s my goal for 2014. Never letting go of what I love most.

I’m so fucked up in the head, and all I want is to be normal again.

I’ve never missed someone so badly, I can’t wait to get home.


Your true face… 
What kind of… face is it? 
I wonder… 
The face under the mask… 
Is that… 
your true face?